I can not move without trusting people. To do that, I must trust myself first.

If I can not trust myself, I will not trust people.

It was a fairly high hurd for me who was a housewife just to be swayed by myself. Even in various parts of Japan, there were frequent disasters, and I was sometimes asked why Cambodia is.

But each time, though slightly, I will do what I can do.

Just because there was... an edge there .

It may have been knocked out by the glittering eyes of the children.

It might have been fascinated by hot sunlight, sandstorms, trees shining in the rainy season and the green of the earth. Whatever the reason why I walked out, I gave back the support of various people and finally continued to advance this time every time I stumble, so I returned a gratitude to those who supported me, so I could not walk alone by myself as a cornerstone of the future.

Thanks for everything.                          

                                                  2017, 4, 18







熱い太陽の光、砂嵐、雨季に輝く樹々や大地の緑に魅了されたのかもしれない。理由はどうであれ、歩き出した私はつまずく度に、様々な方の支えを頂いて、やっとここまで・・進み続けることが支えて下さった方々への恩返しだから、独りでは歩いてこれなかったその感謝の思いをこれからの礎として・・・。                   2017,4,18

The other day, a very happy message was sent from the local staff.

He came up with hygiene education for children in Watkandal elementary school, one day he took a day off from work and visited three universities and two hospitals in Siem Reap city. All four places were refused and the last college Futuer bright University seems to have done OK.

Nine days later on April 9, a total of 23 people, 19 parents of college students and 3 college students, one young brother of college students, were attending the 112 poor children of Wakandal elementary school with notes, pencils, I heard that the ballpoint pen, eraser, candy, toothbrush, water, Soy sauce (Japanese soy sauce is popular and expensive) handed down washing hands and tooth brushing course to children with jokes. A really nice message was sent when it was a very fun and good exchange.

Two hospitals and two universities, when refused in a row in a row, he sent a depressed message saying, "Why do not you want to spend as much money as the rich ... "   I was the only one who could only return it, I really felt saved.

In the world, it was not thrown away ... and so on. I was happy.

After the civil war, the difference of rich and poor in this country for ten more  years has become very intense.

I want that these activities gradually spread, I thought so.

(The pictures are the same as the day,  children's smile!)

                                                   2017, 4, 18


Watkandal 小学校の子供たちに衛生教育をと思いついた彼は、ある日、仕事を休んで、シェムリアップ市内の3つの大学と2つの病院を訪ねました。4ヶ所ことごとく断られ、最後の1つの大学 Futuer bright University がOKしてくれたそうです。

それから9日後の4月9日、19名の大学生と3名の大学生の保護者、大学生の弟1名、合計23名の方が、Wakandal小学校の特に貧しい子供たち112名に、ノート、鉛筆、ボールペン、消しゴム、キャンディ、歯ブラシ、水、Soy sauce(日本の醤油は人気があり高価です)を配り、手を洗うことや歯磨きの講習などをジョークを交えて子供たちに伝えてくれたそうです。とても楽しく良い交流だったと本当に嬉しいメッセージが送られてきました。





​(写真は当日の様子です。子供達の笑  顔!)               



On April 27th on the verge of Golden Week, we were able to start cloud funding with the help of a company called Readyfor.


While becoming crushed by anxiety ... No, everyone who knows my physique ...

Hmm? I think that it seems to be · · · by mistake in weight. . .

But thanks to all of you for your encouragement and warm heart ,

While wrapping the message of thanks, not alone, ..., what a blessing ..., tears ..., I can not write a message ..., I was the first experience of my life.

Already it is happy already ... But the road has only just begun, if we do not make this project successful, it is for the people who encouraged and the children waiting in Cambodia.

Every day started to tighten up.

It's too early, I have already cut off the remaining 50 days.

As the children's dreams come true, please share and spread to as many friends as possible. I want to see the smiles of children with everyone. 

                                                  2017, 5, 9

ゴールデンウィーク寸前の4月27日に、Readyfor という会社のお力をお借りして、クラウドファンディングをスタートさせることが出来ました。

​   http://readyfor.jp/projects/nemunoki-project










We pray for the souls from our hearts to those who died in the northern Kyushu heavy rain. We pray from the bottom of our heart that ordinary lives will arrive as quickly as possible to the affected people and that missing people will be found as soon as possible.

Last month, on June 27, we received a lot of support from everyone, and we were able to achieve cloud funding. Everyone thank you so much. We sincerely appreciate it. It was two months I do not know whether it was long or short since I started. While I was about to be crushed by my uneasy feelings, there were times when I gave up halfway, but each time I got a word to those who do not know their face and name or old friends say they are not alone It taught me that I was impressed with the warmth of the person's heart, and I had tears many times. Thanks to this program, which seems reckless, I was able to get to the start line. thank you very much.

My personal affairs continued variously, I would like to apologize sincerely that I could not quite thank you for blogging and thankfully for today.

Moreover, I do not understand the contact address and I am unable to express my gratitude

Mr. Yokotani Kazuo, Mis Eiko Onizuka, Mis Seiko Hidaka, Mis Harumi Misono, Mis Ikuyo Kitano, Mis Mariko Megumi,

Mis Kaori Moritani, Mis Akemi Sugino,

Mis Yuriko Wakao,I'm sorry I got late,

I would like to express my gratitude through this blog. I'm really thankful to you.

I will go to Cambodia in  August next month and deliver a  heart of everyone to the children of Watkandal elementary school. Many big supports, thank you so much.

             2017, 7, 11






ヨコタニ カズオ様、鬼塚 永子様、日高 晴子様、御園 晴美様、北野 郁代様、恵 真理子様、森谷 香里様、杉野 明美​様、若生 百合子様、大変遅くなってしまい申し訳ございませんが、このブログを通して、御礼を申し上げさせて頂きます。本当にありがとうございました。

来月8月初旬にカンボジアに行き、Watkandal 小学校の子供達に、皆様のあたたかなお心を届けて参ります。たくさんのあたたかなご支援、本当にありがとうございました。

​                                                        2017,7,11



​Watkanndal 小学校の先生方も大変喜んでおられます♪




末筆になりましたが、大変お世話になりました、IKTT(カンボジア・クメールシルク)の森本喜久男様のご冥福を心よりお祈り申し上げます。       合掌

​                                                              2017,7,26


There was my initial mistake, personally also various things occurred around me, and I was impatient to deliver valuable money deposited from everyone quickly, but the schedule for Cambodia was not decided and the date just passed quickly July,

I finally got to buy a ticket. I will go to Cambodia for 3 weeks from August 2!

Watkanndal teachers at elementary school are also very happy ♪

Everyone who gave us warm support, thank you so much. The excitement finally came out ... I started packing.

From hot Japan to hot Cambodia, I will deliver hot feelings.

I hope that you can report on completion to everyone in 2 to 3 months ...

Thank you so much for your help,

I wish you a heartfelt thanks to

Mr. Kikuo Morimoto  IKTT (Khmer Silk Cambodia).

​I will pray for you.

                                               2017, 7, 26

At last, yesterday, I was able to deliver kind heart of yours to Watkandal elementary school!

I'm really thankful to you!

Nearly 300 children, teachers, villagers also waited for me during the summer vacation and welcomed them. Somehow it seems like everything is happening in a dream, and still feeling ...  The dream I held a couple of years ago got the help of everyone, becoming reality, it can be said that it is truly appreciated I am glad. I sincerely thank you.

Because it is boring for children in the ceremony which only gives the cost of the library construction, Mis Hirose of the project team and my pocket money, notebooks, pencils, ballpoint pens, erasers, small size colored pencils into file cases in children I added a surprise called French Bread half of each (with the beef seasoned inside). I had a wonderful time with  little brothers and sisters before going to school, a son who became  junior high school students, senior citizens of the neighborhood, I was happy.

So I enjoyed myself and did not take pictures.

When these children become adults, I wish they would like to become a gentle adult who can reach out to someone.

And I hope that this smile will last forever ...

I posted pictures so I am very pleased if you can see it.

                                                    2017, 8, 9


 ついに、やっと、昨日、Watkandal 小学校へ、皆様のあたたかなお心を届けることができました! 本当にありがとうございました! 夏休み中にもかかわらず300名近くの子供達、先生方、村の方々も待っていて歓迎して下さいました。なんだかすべてが夢の中の出来事のようで、まだ実感が・・・(笑) 数年前に抱いた夢が皆様のお力添えを頂いて、現実になっていく、それが本当に有り難く例えようもなく嬉しいです。心から感謝致します。




写真を載せましたのでご覧いただけましたら大変嬉しく思います。                                                         2017,8,9


It is hard to go to school after the rain continued, even if I wanted to install LINE on my laptop, I could not write a blog ...

LINE has come! Even if it becomes it can not up taken the taken picture ...

I can not consult anybody here in Cambodia ... I annoyed myself.

Now that the fruit delicious season is good, I kept eating fruit just by spending my days like stress divergence · · · as if badger + fruit bat · new kind!

And finally managed to finish.

On August 9, Miss. Sayaka Yamamoto who came back to space too early,

Even in pain, " Tsumako, is there something I can do?" She cared for me.

I will never forget the kindness of you. Thank you so much until now.

Please be watchful.

Please relax and have a nostalgic pleasure in Cearo.

I pray for your souls from the bottom of my heart.

                                               2017, 8, 19




今は果物が美味しい季節をいいことに、ひたすら果物を食べ続けることでストレス発散みたいな日々を過ごしていました・・・まるで アナグマ + フルーツバット ・・・新種現る! そしてやっとなんとかなりました。

 8月9日、あまりにも早く宇宙に戻っていってしまった山本紗弥佳さん、痛みの中でも『妻子さん、私に出来ること何かありますか?』と気遣ってくれた貴女の優しさ、忘れません。今まで本当にありがとうございました。どうぞ見守っていてくださいね。セアロに懐かれてどうぞゆっくりおやすみください。ご冥福を心よりお祈りいたします。​    合掌               2017,8,19




 Watkandal 小学校の図書室の工事は機械は入らず全て手作業です。




    空いた日にちに、次にサポートをさせて頂きたいと思っている Pong Ro village の Kantrang Commune に行って来ました。シェムリアップからトゥクトゥクで1時間程の村です。

ご存知の方もいらっしゃると思います。DACCの時代、私たちの手となり脚となって働いてくれたトゥクトゥクのドライバー、Samuth さんの実家がある村です。先生にもお会いしてお話しして来ました。昨年より生徒数が減って、170名程だそうです。






Three days have passed in Cambodia as soon as possible. I thought that it was a bit long, but it was quick to pass.

Construction of the library of Watkandal elementary school is all manual work without entering the machine.

If it rains, construction will be interrupted, and if the rainy weather is strong the soil will flow into where they dug.

In this heat, I appreciate to the carpenters who work silently.

The construction term will change depending on the weather but I think that it will be completed at the end of October.

The place where the stairs are raised by 3 to 4 steps (about 50 cm) from the ground becomes the floor, the height of the ceiling becomes 3.8 m in height from the floor. I think that we can improve the ventilation and protect the book from the humidity of the rainy season.

I imagine that the interior walls are light green and white are good but what happens ...

I went to Kantrang Commune of Pong Ro village that I'd like to support next on vacant days. It is a village about one hour by tuk-tuk from Siem Reap.

I think that there are also those who you know. In the era of DACC, there is a village where Mr. Samuth's parents home, a tuk-tuk driver who worked as our hand and legs.

I met the teacher and talked. The number of students has decreased since last year, it seems to be about 170 people.

They have no school yet in this village. Classes are held by placing desks, chairs, blackboards directly on the soil on the first floor of a high floor type private house, so the classe will be canceled if it rains.

Elementary school construction costs total about 1.6 million yen (14,000 dollars).

Library construction costs will be about 1.5 million yen (13,000 $).

I'm really happy if you give me your help. Since I will contact you again after returning home, thank you very much everyone.

                                        2017, 8, 20

女子会 !?

Miss Eiiko who read the blog I wrote about the 7th,

I gave a comment "We will live". "We will live "... That's right. I felt that word that has become thin in Japan now, I think that I am coming to Cambodia. Because I can feel , I can live today, I must live today, I can not live.

Even if children want to study, there are many children around the world who do not have classes and textbooks. Also children living in fright under the shell · · · I want to live for the children of Cambodia I met. And I would like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who agreed and supported me like this. thank you very much.

When I eat with the Cambodian people, I will say " ITADAKIMASU(I will.) " and " GOCHISOUSAMADESHITA(Thank you)"  for the meal. At the beginning, everyone will have a strange face that seems to be strange. I also got the question "Are you respecting all things?"  When I explain in young English, some people somehow will join hands together. Somehow the place got relaxed and I feel happy.

"Live" It is "to be alive".

Everyone affected in various parts of Japan will return to normal life as soon as possible

I sincerely pray.

                                           2017, 8, 20








心からお祈りいたします。                                                            2017,8,20                                                  


狩猟民族の原住民の人達はMondulkire の山の中に追いやられ、更にそこに中国の企業が進出して居住地を追われ続けています。どこの国も先住民の人達は同じ運命・・・哀しいです。

I returned home at the end of last month. From early there are various things from around the house, the photographs of the library construction are being sent from Cambodia everyday, but I was not able to get up easily · · · Suddenly this morning (It will be yesterday morning because the date has changed) 1 I was beaten by the phone ... no words and no tears appeared.

It was a sudden parting too. It was the last time I exchanged words with a messenger two days ago · · ·.


I got an encounter 15years ago, she taught me the know-how sponsored, and she was pushing "I will give it as much as I can", when I was not able to easily launch an incorporated corporation to set up this project . She said "I gave you

 a pleasant position as a director" and she got many advice from the extensive experience she had been to Nepal many times.

Mis Hirose Junko, thanks to you, the library that was a dream of the children became reality, and now it's time to come ... Because it was the same age, it's much more painful. I accept it, I have to keep moving ... It is painful although I know.


But I will do my best so that the smiles and cheers of the children will reach you who you passed by. Please be watching from the blue sky so that you can complete  of Nemunoki-Project.

This your life, really cheers for good work. Thank you for your encounter.

I sincerely pray for your souls. 











 ご冥福を心からお祈りいたします。                                       合掌



 久しぶりの up になります。ご心配くださった皆様、励ましのあたたかなお言葉、本当にありがとうございました。








​           2017 / 9 / 9

It will be up after a long time. Thank you so much for your kind support, the kind words of encouragement.

And I will pray for your soul from the bottom of my heart, Mis Nanami who was allowed to accompany Myanmar several years ago. I wish you a new journey full of light. 

For the past week, Cambodia sent pictures of construction sites everyday except Sunday. But I only have time to stop ...

If I notice it fall ... ... the season will not wait for me.

Before winter, seasonal hibernation is bad parenthesis ~

I am glad if you can see the photos.




I will go to Cambodia for 2 weeks from 25th. Construction started in August, the heavy rain in the rainy season continued, and the festival was there in the second half, and it seems that it is getting as close as possible to 80% smoothly as it is, although it has been extended a little more than the anticipated time. Thanks to everyone, the dreams of children and teachers will soon come true. I'm happy. Thank you very much.

Looking forward to being able to deliver photos of completion to everyone ....

This time purchasing books is also one of enjoyment. Mr. Yamashita received a new donation as a book purchase cost.

Thank you so much.

Siem Reap There are some book stores in the city, but one book store says that if you purchase it for children, you are going to make the main line considerably cheaper and it is a little exciting. In the last time, gifts for school supplies for children also got nearly 3 dollars for one person, but this book shop was the one I did exactly one dollar. It was truly saved because it is close to 370 people. And the present at this time passed away now, thanks to Jun - chan, I was able to realize it. Thank you very much Jun - chan.

I uploaded photos of the construction, so I am pleased if you can see it. Thank you for all encounters.








                             2017 / 10 / 7


I arrived in Siem Reap last night. The darkness of the lighting in the hotel room was perfect for sleeping. However, I can not see the book, ... I wonder if this is because of the age. . .  and it is in the city, thank you for the quietness thanks to the location of the room. It is healed by the sound of rain after a long absence. It may be the coolest time in Cambodia in the second half of the rainy season. ... The temperature is 27 ~ 30 ℃ I am afraid that I am used to it. (Lol)

I will upload photos that I was not able to upload so I'm happy if you can see it. It seems there were days when rainy days were not going well.

I will go to school tomorrow and see the library. Looking forward to it! 


 昨夜シェムリアップに到着。ホテルの部屋の照明の暗さは睡眠にはうってつけでした。しかし本の字が見えない、読めない・・・これは歳のせいなのかしら。。。(汗) そして街中なのですが、部屋の位置により静かなことに感謝。久しぶりに雨の音に癒されています。雨季の後半でカンボジアでは一番涼しい時期なのかもしれません。が・・・気温は27〜30℃  慣れてきている自分が怖い。(笑)



​                                       2017 / 10 / 26

 昨日、WATKANDAL 小学校に行ってきました。



あと1週間〜10日間の間に仕上がりそうですが・・・来月2〜4日が水祭りだそうです。工事もお休みかしら 。。。   Que sera sera ♪

​         2017 / 10 / 28

Yesterday, I went to WATKANDAL elementary school.

The library is finished. The engineers are very polite and beautifully finished. I was glad that everyone smiled and greeted me with a handshake. I made a meeting with the color of the wall (outer wall, inner wall).

The roof tile is cute with vermillion. When the truck brought under the floor brought heavy rain, children seemed to have stopped classes and brought the earth with a bucket or a crane. Thanks for the cute helpers!

It seems to be finished between 1 week and 10 days ... ... It seems that the 2nd - 4th of next month is a water festival. I wonder if construction will also be absent.  Que sera sera ♪


The rainy season is over. But ... construction is not over yet ....

There was a lot of heavy rain in the rainy season this year, after the start, there is a day off for the Japanese Obon train, there are many other various events in the village, the other day water festival also, 10 more to completion As it will take about as long as a day, I will return home by flight tomorrow, I will re-partition on 20th. It is good that I stay here all the time, but because I have plans in Japan. Initially it was said that it will be completed in the first week of October ,,,, but still it was Cambodia looking at the date with a lot of extra ... Cambodia.

But it was a great harvest that I could meet with some Japanese people who are here to work and talk about various stories this time. I was really happy because I wanted a side tie.

I am sorry that I am unable to inform you of completion, but please take a look at some of the photos of the library that will be completed.






​           2017 / 11 / 5

While listening to the thunderstorm sound at home in Nagasaki, I was reminded of the beautiful light of orange color seen from the window inside the plane from Thailand to Cambodia.

I traveled here and there, but I do not know if I can see the borders from the sky, I can not see it, yet people insist on the territory, they speak different words and keep on making power comparison. Earth is one and round .... By the way, when I was a high school student, I was seriously thinking about learning Esperanto · · · Where is my passion ... Anyway, even if my 60th birthday is over, I still can not speak English as well ... (Lol)

But the library that was a dream thanks to everyone will be completed soon!

Thank you for your kindness!


​            2017 / 11 / 10


昨夜カンボジアより完成 の連絡が来ました。




         2017 / 11 / 19

It was completed!

Last night I received a message from Cambodia on completion.

Everyone who encouraged and encouraged, thank you so much!

Thanks to everyone, the dreams of children in the village became reality. I feel like I am dreaming of myself. I will leave for Cambodia tomorrow. I will buy books and present them.

There was a photo students ware sitting  on the floor of a library which was not finished yet in the photograph sent last week, I asked what they were doing ?

I get the answer, rain came down and the school building leaked, so they had evacuated to the library and had lessons.





 日本からブックカバー 50m巻を2本抱えてきましたが、まだ76冊にかけただけ・・・ブックカバーも足らないかも・・です。



            2017 / 11 / 22

As soon as I went to the library to see the library, I wanted to go to the school, but a bit far away, effective time and money ,,,, yesterday I spent three bookshops in Siem Reap city to shop 262 books bought. 20 books including books such as old-fashioned picture books, books of Cambodia world heritage, biographies, ..., world maps of teaching materials to be attached to the walls, maps of Cambodia, human figure commentaries, Khmer's instruments and so on.

I do not understand Khmer but I could imagine what kind of story it was somewhat like, I missed pages unexpectedly. I bought Alps 'girl' s book, Momotaro 's book, Disney' s book, and the Little Prince.

One bookstore made all purchased books 1.05 $, and the other two stores made 10% discount and 5% discount. I justified myself and discounted it to deliver as many books as possible to the children. 

I have held two 50m volumes of book covers from Japan, but I only spent 76 volumes ... The book cover may not be enough.

 I have to do many things for 10 days stay, I want to do ... I am busy, but I enjoy it.

Thank you very much for your kind support and consideration.


I went to look the library on 25th and 27th. It is a very pretty color that suits the blue sky of Cambodia.

On 25th, I handed the books and teaching materials to the principal. The principal, who knew that he covered the books cover for two days, was  surprised to see his eyes rounded. It seemed that the principal did not know the existence of the book cover.

I interrupted the lessons of lower grade children and got them in my picture. And back to the city, I made postcards with the kids .

On the 27th I had postcards and went to school this afternoon with high school children.  I asked children to write"their name"and "thank you" in Khmer language.

Everybody painted very hard and it was very pretty. I'm really happy to be able to deliver this postcard to everyone.

I was able to meet assistant principal teacher this day. Assistant principal teacher was really pleased with the book cover, showing me the picture book which turned out uncovered, and "It will soon be this.This cover is good.The book will not hurt." He said.

I was totally honest, but I was really glad to cover the books.

Thanks to everyone's kind support, the library is completed and this pleasant dream has come true. I'm really thankful to you.

And I pray that children's future dreams will come true ...










               2017 / 11 /28



昨年は皆様のお力添えをいただきましてWatkandal 小学校に図書館を作ることができました。本当にありがとうございました。心から感謝いたしております。

今年はPong Ro村に小学校を建て、村の子供達を笑顔にしたいです。準備が整いましたら、このホームページ上、またメールなどでお知らせさせて頂きますので、皆様のお力添え、あたたかな励ましをどうぞよろしくお願いいたします。

​Watkandal小学校の図書館、またPong Ro村を訪問されたい方は、このホームページ内の『〜 CONTACT  US 〜』のページのお問い合わせフォームにご記入後、送信されてください。追ってお返事させていただきます。


Happy New Year to everyone!

And that poverty, hunger and conflict will disappear from the earth and all the children will be able to laugh and live in the world!

Last year we got a help from everyone and we was able to create a library at Watkandal Elementary School.

We are really thankful to you. We sincerely thank you.

This year we will build an elementary school in Pong Ro village and want to make the village children smile. If we are ready, we will let you know on this website, e-mail etc. We appreciate your kind support and encouragement.

If you would like to visit the Watkandal elementary school library and Pong Ro village, please fill out the inquiry form on the "~ CONTACT US ~" page in this website and send it. I will reply after that.

                                          2018, 1, 17





​           2018 / 02 / 06

Setsubun is past, and it seems that the sunlight is growing little by little. But, there are lots of snow in this winter ,,,, As I was born in Nagano Prefecture, my heart aches for the difficulties of the snow in the northern countries. May the day of snow melt as soon as possible.

The children of Myanmar and Cambodia who have never seen snow adore the snow of Japan. And also cherry blossoms ....

"I want to go to Japan someday" Children who have eyes shining. Children who want to remember Japanese. I am excited and want to bring all of children to Japan, I think so.

Knowing different cultures, understanding and interacting will each other grow. I want children to learn the Earth is one, and  the weights of life are all the same.                         2018 / 02 / 06



        期間 平成29年3月1日〜平成29年12月31日


               出資金                  220、000

      クラウドファンディング        1、450、000

      寄附収入               200、000

        収入合計               1、870、000


      Watkandal小学校図書館建設費用  1、700、000

      事務費・消耗品費              30、861

      諸経費                   65、280

      支出合計             1、796、141


   収入 1,87,000 - 支出 1,796,141 = 73,859   (翌年度に繰越)

                            (単位 円)






                                 2018 / 3 / 31


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